My Gadgets

These are all of the gadgets I have made so far. You can use the + button at the bottom of each gadget to add it to your Google Personalized homepage. The stuff they have is really useful, if you don't have a personalized homepage set up, simply add one of my gadgets using the "+ Google" button below each one and it'll take you through the process and even let you try it out live before creating your own page. Have fun.

This script takes the text from the text-area and gets you the following stats for it: Word count, Line count, character count, characters without spaces count. Useful when you don't have access/don't want to open up a text editor.

This gadget opens a new window with the standard Google Language Tools window with the translated text. Useful for quickly translating text from your personalized homepage.

Flash Player/URL Container

This gadget can't really be shown here because it involves user preferences for Google Personalized homepage. Basically it has a list where you can put in some URLs, and then choose among those one that will load within the gadget. It is most useful when you put in a link to a .swf file (flash) because you can make any flash movie or game load from within the gadget.

Great game, bejeweled. The website for the game's creators can be found at

TinyURL creator, useful for making big urls into tiny, pretty ones.

If you need any help with my gadgets, or have any ideas (that haven't been done before of course), feel free to contact me at